Alloway: Wolf Deserves Credit for Fresh Perspective on Budget

HARRISBURG — Senator Rich Alloway II (R-33) issued the following statement today in response to Governor Wolf’s budget proposal:

“After suffering through two years of difficult budget battles precipitated by outrageous demands for new taxes, it is refreshing to see Governor Wolf offer us a viable starting point for negotiations this year. I commend the governor for exploring new avenues to help save taxpayer dollars, and I am optimistic that we can work together toward a fiscally responsible spending plan in the weeks and months to come. A great deal of work remains in order to complete the budget, but I appreciate that the governor is willing to take a different approach to this budget than in years past.

“While the governor deserves credit for exploring new avenues for savings, there are still areas of concern in his spending plan. As we tackle yet another huge budget deficit, I am disappointed that his spending plan does not acknowledge many of the factors that created that deficit in the first place. It is no coincidence that the growth in pension costs over the past several years equals or exceeds the deficit we face today. Our new pension costs alone make up more than half of the projected increase in state spending in Governor Wolf’s budget proposal, but he didn’t give us any ideas on how to fix that problem.

“As we work with Governor Wolf to pursue short-term savings to balance the next budget, I hope he will show a willingness to come to the table and negotiate meaningful long-term reforms as well so we don’t end up in the same position of dealing with budget deficits year after year. We have an opportunity this year to create a budget that both eliminates this year’s deficit and drastically reduces the possibility of budget crunches in the future, and I look forward to working with the governor and my colleagues in the Senate to make that goal a reality.”

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